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Full Version: Ok to load roms in zipped state?
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I'm trying to maximize the space on the internal card while loading up games. 
Is the Retrostone2 hardware, and supporting software capable of reading zipped games on the fly, or will I need to unzip all before transferring?

I've been adding games fairly successfully in an unzipped state using the most recent build, so I haven't had problems with it yet - usb transfer method. 

Side note and a low priority feature request: It is not the most intuitive route to go through in the menus to get to the adding/removing roms menu, but instructions here have been great to walk me through it as a Linux noob. I have not yet tried the network method to xfer roms.
Most platforms support unzipping on the fly. Largest files (PSX, Dreamcast, PSP) should be in their original format.

About adding roms, plug an ethernet cable or connect to wifi and your roms folders will be on your local network (Samba shares)

an old thread worth checking: (not all options still apply)
A lot of emulators can read .zip files. Here you will find a list with emulators that are used on Retropie. Not all are for the RS2 but you can see the different extentions that you can use: