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Full Version: PCE CD folder not recognise on retrostone 2
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Hi Guys

I put some of the pce cd roms in romsĀ folder/ pcenginecd folder but the retrostone 2 don't recognise the folder. It does recognise the pce cd roms in pcengine folder. But I like to categories it in respective folder. Can anyone help? what folder should I name the pce cd roms folder.

retrofanĀ  Big Grin
Put all PC Engine/TurboGraphx-16/SuperGraphx games in the pcengine folder. The HuCard, CD-ROM, and Super-CD-ROM games run on the same emulator. You only need to change the emulator when playing a SuperGraphx game. You also need the proper bios files.
Hi Valden,

Thanks. What about adding the game screenshot images?
you can edit /etc/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg as well and add pce-cd platform using pcengine data (explained here: )

you can change the theme tag as some ES themes support the PCE CD like the GBZ included in retrostone