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Full Version: [split] Video resolution change
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I finally got a chance to do this.  It worked.  Thanks for the help.  Can I change the HDMI monitor resolution so that the screen isn't too wide and spread out on my monitor?
This post was under my "usb controllers don't work" thread.  I don't know why it moved.

@alexkidd I guess you must have moved it since it's a different topic.

So I went here - /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg, but I couldn't find where to change resolution.

Then I went here /home/pi/RetrOrangePi/HDMI/ and changed the resolution from 1280x720 to 960x720 so the ratio would be the same as the retrostone screen, but I saw no change on my monitor.  Either that didn't change it, or it's stretching it out to fit my screen.
yes, different topic;
960x720 is probably not a compliant resolution for your tv set
even compliant, retroarch is probably stretching, as users complained before there were black bars ,
Retroarch documentation says aspect_ratio_index values are
20 = 1:1 PAR, 21 = Core Provided, 22 = Custom Aspect Ratio
so changing value to 21 in /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg should be fine