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Problems with both C64 emulators
Issues I have with Vice-x64:
- in game, the controls don't work: the D-pad doesn't do anything
- in the VICE menu (which I can open with R2), navigating the menu is done with SELECT (up) and START (down)
- when I try to remap the menu up/down/left/right to the D pad, the D pad input is not recognized
- when I try to remap joysticks to use the D-pad, same issue

Issues I have with lr-vice:
- works like a charm but I still cannot get the virtual keyboard to appear Sad

I don't know where to look for config files for the above, and Vice mapping files are a mystery really.

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Problems with both C64 emulators - by forktong - 03-22-2020, 09:47 PM

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