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Orange Pi Lite (Slim Version)
I am interested in trying a Slim version for OPI Lite.

Is there any chance to provide a BETA version for test? I am on my vacation so I will have enough time for testing.
you can try this one for now
i dont know if it boots as i dont have an opi lite to test
Dear alexkidd,
thanks for sharing an attempted image for the OrangePi Lite.

I attempted to boot from it, it fails with the following result on screen:
Download the file and copy to /boot/dtb-5.2.14-sunxi
You must be able to read ext4 partitions (native Linux or windows with app like paragon extfs)
Let me know which error you get now
Still "Could not find a valid device tree". FWIW, the file already existed but was different, so I overwrote with yours.
Can you edit /boot/armbianEnv.txt and move the fdtfile line to first one?
Dear alexkid, it doesn't change anything.

I have to admit that I expected that. The armbianEnv.txt appears to be loaded correctly.
Attempting to load the fdtfile (line 53 of /boot/boot.cmd I assume) still results in a FDT_ERR_BADMAGIC error.
Then it complains that we should configure the FDT address via "fdt addr <address>" command.

Based on that boot.cmd, and other examples I've found, I assume that the fdt_addr_r variable is loaded from the dtb file. The "fdt addr" call, right below, fails as a result of the "invalid" dtb file. Now, I don't know how to generate a valid dtb file... But neither the original one that was on the image nor the one you provided me with after are read as "valid".

I wanted to make some experiments but apparently the boot.scr is actually the one loaded and I need some tools (mkimage at least) to generate the boot.scr from the boot.cmd ...

As stupid as it may sound, I'm under the impression that the fix would be to change:
`load ${devtype} ${devnum} ${fdt_addr_r} ${prefix}dtb/${fdtfile}`
`load ${devtype} ${devnum} ${fdt_addr_r} ${fdtfile}`
in boot.cmd and to recreate the boot.scr from it.

Indeed, hooking up a keyboard and executing the later myself, the commands appears successful and $fdt_addr_r is defined.

Yup. Installed u-boot-tools, created a new boot.scr with `mkimage -C none -A arm -T script -d boot.cmd boot.scr`, where I changed boot.cmd as mentioned above.

After partition resize, reboot, ended up with a MS-DOS then Win 3.1 bootscreen. WAT?!
Hahaha, trolling us?
After waiting a bit, ended up in RetroPie, configured a gamepad, just tested one of the default Megadrive games. Appears to work as expected.

Awesome news! Thanks for debugging
report any bugs you find

p.s.: and yes, you've been "dos rolled"
Not sure whether you want the bug reports in this thread or in separate threads...

Had some time to test the image a bit more.
Turns out that the sound worked at bootup (heard the iconic SEGA sound) but it doesn't work in emulators (at least for Genesis and N64).
Currently investigating.

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