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404 on Full RestroStone Link
The full 4.2 retrostone download is 404ing:
hi there , this is an older version for retrostone 1 .
Retrostone2 download is here:

Also, please check new Retrostone2 section:
(01-15-2020, 09:33 AM)alexkidd Wrote: hi there , this is an older version for retrostone 1 .
Retrostone2 download is here:

Also, please check new Retrostone2 section:

i could not find how to get to desktop mode in the 4.3 version for retro stone.  Is it not in this version and if not how do i add roms?
From RetroPie - RetrOrangePi - Armbian Desktop

you can however test if Samba shares are working. Check for more info.
alexkidd, aye- I was just trying to use an old version since the new version isn't going so well on the RetroStone 2 (the welcome screen error, now the lag and audio issues)... the unofficial "Supreme" build from RS1 doesn't work on RS2 apparently,  so I was hoping to find something to render my shiny new RetroStone 2 as more than a paperweight. Guess I'll just keep monitoring as the kinks get worked out. Thanks for your efforts!

blarrison -
You mention above for the Desktop being missing, if you used the full RetroStone2 Beta link that resolves currently to:

Then its probably just the fact that all of the Retrostone documentation on the matter hasn't quite caught up yet.  

Instead of getting to Desktop from the pop up menu on start, go to the RetroPie system in the selector and pick RetroOrangePi->Arbian Desktop.  You can then do the game load like the docs explain.
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