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Crash to empty screen

I don't know if it can help but i just post here my message from yesterday about the same issue in my RS2 on 8craft forum. I hope it can help too.

Hello :

I received my Retrstone 2 yesterday. I followed the tutorial to install the OS image correctly in SD card.
Everything was fine and the OS works correctly.
I take some ROMS from my PC and put on the retrostone by USB.

I tried several ROMS, and they load and start correctly.

Issue : After several minutes in the game, the Retrostone crash.

Picture on the screen :

Most of the time, I have a black screen exactly like in this video from this topic :
The difference with the video that it happens after 2 or 5 min.
Sometimes, I have a freeze on the screen and the color turn to pink colors, the game is blocked (i see the image of the game but in pink, i can't do nothing).
I had one time a white screen, but only one time.

Sound :

For the sound, no sound when i have the crash.

When i have this, if i turn off the retrostone and start again, the OS start correctly and i can select the games.

I tried several thing to fix it :

I use a 128 Go SD card in FAT32, so i tried with the 16 Go SD card inclued in the package, same on the 2 SD cards.
The battery is completly full.
I tried to start the games with different emulators, same issue.

I notify in some games, this issue appear clearly quickly than other games.

For example, I have this issue between 2 or 5 min in Super Mario bros on NES everytime, or megaman on NES too.
I tried in several other games in different plateforms (Snes / megadrive / gbc / GBA), same issue, but random time (sometime less than NES games, sometime more).

You have already a video from this topic :
Thanks for the details, will help us nailing down the bug
(01-23-2020, 11:07 AM)alexkidd Wrote: Merci pour les détails, nous aidera à résoudre le bogue

Hi i have the same problem after a few minute of playing dark screen appair all of the emulation are not correct smal lag on the song of game it's the same problem if i change the emulator have a good day

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