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Some issues
Just trying to get all my games and emulators set up and I'm having a few problems:

1) Games that do work still stutter and the audio clicks and lags. I assume this is still being worked on?

2) Atari 800 games don't have controller mappings. All buttons are mapped to fire. How can I fix this? A .cfg file some where?

3) Atari 800 games don't stretch to fill the screen no matter what display option I pick. I assume there is a .cfg file I can tweak, any pointers?

Any help is much appreciated.
1) YES (detailed reports are welcome, which games, platforms, if wifi was enabled etc)

2 and 3) IIRC, emulator atari800 is set to default, after running for the first time you should have an .atari800.cfg in the home folder (/home/pi) . Mind the dot , as it's a hidden file, if you edit from armbian desktop, press Ctrl H on the file manager to view hidden files. From the main menu, you should be able to remap the controller.

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