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AdvanceMame 3.9 and set 0.106
Hi there,

i’m trying to get AdvanceMame running but i can get any game to run. I have a non-merged 0.106 set but so far no luck. Anyone else got AdvanceMame running?
Hi Marco, first thanks again for your continued support to the project, much appreciated

i've just tested Advance Mame and it worked. You may have to create mame-advmame folder in RetroPie/roms because Advmame configuration file (/home/pi/.advance/advmame.rc) will look for roms in that folder

if its already there and you still cannot run, try this from command line:

/opt/retropie/emulators/advmame/bin/advmame gng (for Ghosts n Goblins - the rom i tested, without the extension .zip)

if your ROM is incomplete , it will crash
    You’re welcome! Really appreciate all your hard work! Gonna try it out.

Turns out i had put the roms into the ‘Arcade’ folder. So now the roms will start but i only get this message (see picture). Then i can only quit advance mame.

Also tried Ghosts ‘n Goblins but the same thing. Looks like the controls aren’t working. Only to quit the emulator. (With L1).
Please plug an usb keyboard and remap retrostone controls, i will do the same and update the image afterwards
if you prefer to wait, i should include the updated configs soon
Thanks! Going to do that!

I can only edit the buttons. AdvanceMame doesn’t recognize the d-pad.
hmmm , looks like we'll have to do some hacking...

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