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Is There A Character Limit For File Names?
Curious if there is a limit on file names? I am asking because I shortened the names of some roms and they started working when previously they did not. 

Could only get one TurboGraphix16-CD (PCEngine) game to work. The games would hang at the CD System screen after pressing run to start. I changed BIOS (syscard3 to syscard2) and that did not work. I tried different BIOS files and they did not work either. Now the interesting part. The one game that would work was Lord of Thunder (Lord Of Thunder.cue, Lord Of Thunder.bin). All the other none working games had long file names. For example, Forgotten Worlds [U][SCD][TGXCD1030][Capcom][1992][PCE][aguichor].cue, Forgotten Worlds [U][SCD][TGXCD1030][Capcom][1992][PCE][aguichor].bin. I decided to shorten the file names like I did with Lord Of Thunder. So, using the previous example, Forgotten Worlds **** became Forgotten Worlds.cue and .bin. I tested it and the game now loads. I did the same to all non loading games and they all work now. It does seem odd, but I can't think of another reason why they work now.
Linux is very strict with symbols in file names, so shortening them was a good alternative. Even better if there are no spaces in names.
Forgot how sensitive Linux is. Had some games where the .iso was labeled as .ISO in the .cue file. Yea, I am still old school with file names and folders using underscores for spaces. Took me along time to stop using the DOS 8 dot 3 format.

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