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I just got my Retrostone 2 and installed the latest beta image, the screen looks fantastic but I'm noticing that the colors are too desaturated, orange and blue are the most noticeable. Orange things look brown and blue things are too dark. Is there any way to adjust color saturation in RetrorangePi? And if not, can it be added?

Also, the volume control dial is upside down. Scrolling it up turns the volume down, scrolling it down turns the volume up. That should get reversed lol

One last thing to report, no matter what is happening, if you can see the terminal, "snd_pcm_recover" is constantly appearing.

Link to an example of the saturation issue (I adjusted the photo to make it as accurate to how it looks in real life as possible) Retrostone 2 on the left, my PC on the right:

Link to the error that keeps posting itself:
couldnt find any saturation setting yet; i suggest you to open an issue/enhancement at our github, so we can keep track

about audio error, disabling Backgroud Music seems to fix it (or reduce it considerably)

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