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hello everyone, I'm posting a short video to show you a real problem of the retrostone .. I made a short video for you in case:

So here are my questions regarding retrorangepi, is there currently a way to put the screen in the right format?
and if not, will there be one? because it is not rom I have tried 5 ..

and also last question, will the retrostone really be able to read a ps1 games not in 2d correctly as well as n64 etc ...? because frankly it is not powerful sometimes it has a little trouble on snes games, gba ...  Confused

oops .. can you move this topic in the retrostone 2 forum please
RetroPie is a complex project where you can customize almost anything you want. There is no consensus which aspect games should be, but next update should default to fullscreen. Vertical arcade games wont look too nice, but that can be changed later.
A20 CPU is not particularly a powerful SOC, but next release will have some more performance tweaks. Anyway, disabling wifi from RetroPie - RetrOrangePi - Wifi menu is known to help fixing some issues (it's already default on last beta).
ok I'm pretty reassured, even if the 3d will not be necessarily on top thank you very much for this answer!
PSOne games that I loaded for testing work fine for me (In The Hunt, R-Type Delta). In The Hunt is a side scrolling shoot using sprites and R-Type Delta is a 3D game using polygons. I would not expect all PSone games to work just like with any emulation. N64 emulation requires a lot of resources. The lowest level hardware I have that runs, and barely, N64 emulation is an ASUS ZEN Pad 3 (CPU:MTK MT8176 Dual-Core 2.1 GHz +Quad-Core 1.7 GHz , 64bit , Memory 4GB, Graphics: MG GX6250 650MH). I have had more success with Dreamcast emulators on low level hardware than N64.

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