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Bug Fixes release - Update Feb 5th
Hi guys,

Thanks for the reports. Been working in the last couple of weeks on more tweaks and bugfixes. 

As per request, the following update is a single file you'll just uncompress on your installed system, no need to reflash the image again. Make sure your system is based on the v2 beta image from this thread

NOTE: update will replace many files, so if you changed any configuration file on your own, it's recommended to have a backup

How to update:

1. Connect your Retrostone to ethernet or wifi
2. Press Start - Quit - Quit EmulationStation
3. Download the update file: "wget"   
4. Uncompress the file: "sudo tar -zxvf bugfix.tar.gz -C /"  (case sensitive)
5. Remove one unwanted package: "sudo apt-get remove xserver-xorg-input-joystick"
6. Turn off the unit: "sudo poweroff"
7. Turn on 

note: type commands without the double quotes



- Armbian Desktop – dpad working as mouse with help of Antimicro app (built natively directly from sources). Buttons: B - left click, A - right click.

- Background Music now using Pulseaudio to avoid ALSA buffer underrun errors, therefore it was set to ON by default again

- Wifi is now being deactivated only  when launching games to avoid performance issues. Once connected, try accessing your Retrostone from Windows Explorer by typing \\RETRORANGEPI in the quick access bar. You’ll be able to copy roms, bios, splashscreens and music.

- Splashscreen now works as intended (shows for a few seconds). You can add your own screens and boot sound (named as bootsnd.aac) to /home/pi/RetroPie/splashscreens folder (or through the network share).  Run RetroPie-Setup – Configuration – Splashscreen to configure/enable/disable the service.

- EmulationStation – removed Desktop option from main menu, run Armbian Desktop from RetroPie – RetrOrangePi submenu, LCD settings fixed

- SDL2 - core dependency , updated to v2.0.11 

- Amiga: Amiberry emulator updated, WHDLoad and shortcuts should work fine

- Arcade: AdvanceMAME configuration updated with gamepad support, resolution fixes and vsync activated – L2 opens quit menu, R1 pause, select + Y config menu; mame2003 libretro core set to default, fixed insert coin bug when Select is the combo hotkey (use L2 now);

- Dreamcast: gamepad mapping added, L2 quits the emulator, add bios to ~/RetroPie/BIOS/dc/ folder

- PC / DOS: controller mapping added for basic Keys (Enter, space, Ctrl, Alt, Shift, F9, ESC, up,down,left,right etc). Quit emulator with Select + L2. 
To remap, plug keyboard and mouse, press Ctrl F1 and use mouse to drag and drop the bindings (no viewable cursor though).

- Gameboy Advance: default emulator changed to lr-gpsp, better performance

- N64 – Mupen64plus emulator updated and set to default, added gles2n64 video plugin, controller mapping added (select + start works to quit)

- PSP – controller mapping updated,  L2 opens menu

- Nintendo DS – controller mapping added, Menu: press L2 then Y, Swap screen: press R2

- Retroarch – menu fonts increased for better viewing

- ScummVM – launcher for Libretro core added (romdir-launcher), dpad acts as mouse

- Many other performance tweaks: quite a few PSP, N64 and Dreamcast playable games

Please test and report! 
Audio and Wifi impact on performance are still in the works, so more updates will hopefully come

Enjoying RetrOrangePi? Buy a few beers    Big Grin
it's great, thank you!
Brilliant, thank you!

I haven't had a chance to download yet because I'm all but chained to my cubicle, are there buttons used to click with the desktop? Like L1 for left click and R1 for right click?
Yes, dpad moves the cursor, B - left click, A - right click
hi alex where i uncompress the file ?
follow the instructions, command already extract to right place
when i tape the command "wget" the response is no such file or directory sorry i'am a beginner
sorry, command are without the double quotes
First, i just want to thank you for all the fantastic work you already done.
I've try z lot of retrogaming console (LDK, bitboy, RG 350..), but the Retrostone is far more amazing and exciting !

Do you know if there is a possibility to have a simple script to update the Retrostone ?
because i'm french, and with an azerty keypad, it's sometime quite difficult to find some caracters..
Ok je teste thanx alex

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