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Bug Fixes release - Update Feb 5th
@blazouf to download a script, you would need to type commands as well
you can try your luck with the onscreen keyboard in Armbian DEsktop
how do i know if it worked ? it looks good to me
Enter armbian desktop and try to move cursor with dpad
ok it,s good for me thank's alex
great job, keep up the good work!

ok. Forget the script. I 've done it with my azerty keyboard ! ;-)
Lorsque vous redémarrez la console, cela ne fonctionne pas, vous êtes obligé d'appuyer sur le bouton sur l'émulation SNES de Starfox est ralenti avec un bug sonore sur NES L'émulation d'Ufouria la saga a des problèmes de défilement lorsque vous avancez l'émulation globale est encore mieux

Peut-on charger de nouveaux cœurs sur retroarch? Ou sommes-nous obligés d'utiliser ce cadeau
Rebooting does not work, i believe it's a hardware limitation
Starfox uses SuperFX Chip, board may not be powerful enough to run them
Almost all retroarch cores are already installed. After launching a game, press button for more options.
NES emulators available: fceumm, quicknes and nestopia. Choose another and test.
yeah !
Thanks a lot for those bugfix, I'll try right now !

Just took time to disable your commands to disable wifi while playing : I'm a big fan of Retroachievements (RA), and it needs wifi to work...
Hope you'll succes to keep wifi on all the time !
PS : Testing updating to 1.8.4 and last pcsx_rearmd core as I would like to guet RA on psx Big Grin
Worked fine quite know, aware that some bugs might comes from my modification, thus if I'll have "bugs" I'll try on "clean" image on other sd card before report Wink
Hi has any one noticed the Amiga sound is worse after the update

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