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Black screen (shutdown) after boot: Don't use 128Gb card
I don't know what wrong with the last update (feb 5th) but it's the second time my sd card get corrupted.
afetr the update everything is fine. Adding roms (with ethernet connexion) is ok.
But after that, i use the scraper to adds sceenshot with the optional package (Steven Selph's  scraper) with this command line : sudo ~/RetroPie-Setup/

it work but take a lot of time, so the unit became hot. And after i finally add all the screenshop preview, and restart the unit, i 've got a black screen and shutdown each time. 
I think maybe the problem is that i force shutdown with the power button the last time i quit the scraper.

Is it ok to shutdown the unit with the power button ? Or maybe something is wrong with my Retrostone 2 unit ?
The fact it became hot when copying a lot of files is matbe the problem ?
The SD card appear to be very fragile !

Thanks for your help
There are many many fake sdcards out there, that's why we suggest a reliable good brand , avoid cheap ones.
Still cannot confirm that forcing shutdown always corrupts SD.
Anyway, i had such issues too and i could fix the sdcard by running filesystem check with Paragon ExtFS in Windows and fsck command in Linux
ok. It's two new Sandisk 128Go SD card so i don't think the problem is related to the card itself.
My question is : Is it ok to use the power button to shutdown the unit (normal press)

You mean Parangon ExtFS ?
128GB are not recommended. They're maybe too big for these PI single board computers and it's by luck to find one that works 100%
It's OK to press the power button to shutdown.

edit: and yes, it'a Paragon ExtFS, fixed
128GB are not recommended ?? are you sure ? well.. OK, if the problem start again, i will try a 64GB SD card.. :-)
Thanks for your advise !
Yes, we've had many reports of non working sdcards >= 64GB in these +3 years supporting RetrOrangePi
You're right ! after a new fresh install, i try a third time and after 10GB of copying, the unit shutdown..

I try to repair my sd card with the ExtFS utility (on mac and windows there is a 10 days trial) with succes, but same black screen after boot on the Retrostone 2. The utility tell me that some blocks are discontinued.

So i start again: delete all partitions and flash again.

Do you know if it's better to use MBR or GUID Scheme partition ?
The situation get worst.. I can get the unit to work anymore.. 
I try flashing with two different sandisk SD cards..
I use etcher on mac and PC.. same result. There is a white flash at startup and the unit shutdown after five secondes..

I don't know what to do.. I've order a 64Gb sd card. I hope the flashing work with this one..

Maybe it's a Master boot partition problem ?
You can use AOMEI for removing partitions and formatting.
suggestions: charge the unit, remove battery for a few moments and try smaller sdcards
thank you, i'll try that

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