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Thank you Alexkidd <3 | Just a few issues left
Not only was the Feb. 5th update super easy to install, but it fixed SO many things. Other than of course still waiting on HDMI out and a battery indicator, the software feels pretty polished now. It's finally a ton of fun to use my Retrostone 2, so thank you for all your work Alexkidd <3

Now for the remaining problems: first is a new one introduced in this update, menu sounds are delayed. I use a fantastic menu theme called TFT, and it has a sound effect that plays when you scroll to a new item on a gamelist. Before this update the sound was always instantaneous. Now it is delayed, and not consistently either, it just waits a random amount of time before playing the sound. I disabled wifi and menu music to see if they had an effect, and they do not.

The remaining issue: the color/saturation. I made an issue on GitHub about it and a couple of posts on here so I won't go into detail, but basically, yellows are brown and blues are a bit purple/navy blue.
sound delay

probably because wifi is being re-enabled every time

sudo tar -zxvf wifioff.tar.gz -C /
sudo poweroff
power on

it will replace a few config files and disable wifi permanently, but you can enable from menu later.


Try using shaders. Download with:
git clone /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch/shaders/glsl-shaders

set it from Retroarch menu: Shaders - Video shaders On - Load Shader Preset - glsl-shaders - presets - retrov2-image-adjustment -
configure Shader parameters and passes (one pass should do)

Shaders are known to impact performance, so for now it's an alternative to be tested, not a definitive solution.

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