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Some video’s of me playing some emulators
I made some video’s from different emulators. It’s not that i’m a bad player but i’m playing throught the picture of my phone.  Big Grin I’m using a different version of Amiberry and i’m using Vice for C64. For Mame i use Advance Mame. I did some tweaking in Retroarch.
I have the normal version of the RS2. Not the pro.

A lot of emulators:

You need to download the video otherwise it only shows 15 minutes. Video is 24 minutes long.

NES only:

NES video is 8 minutes long.

And here a little bonus of Amiga CDTV. You can play this by starting Amiberry and then quickstart set to CD32 and select your .cue file.
Cool! Pinned!
Like !
I made another video. Only Amiga. It’s shows how to get some games to run better. Also AGA and CD32.

Part 1:
Part 2:

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