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Additional Controller Configuration - HOWTO
When you add an additional controller, such as a Logitech F710 USB, it is recognized by the Retrostone and can be configured.
But in games it is immediately set up as the primary controller.
The Restrostone pad and therefore the HotKey combinations like "select+start" or "select+x" will not work on the pad any more, on the additional controller they are also not configured.

1 - is it possible to set that the additional controller is not the primary controller by default?
2 - is it possible to set up the hotkeys on the additional controller? (probably yes) How?
3 - If you do use the additional controller as the primary controller (as this can make sense), is there a way to keep the hotkeys working on the pad of the retrostone?
for now, i suggest this: , it's not in default retropie, but worth a check.
i'll test myself, if i'm lucky and have some more spare time, it will be included in the upcoming update
Do you have time to include the joystck script ?
I try to install it but i i'm not shure if i succeded.
Do i have write the first line then type return or tape the two line then return ?

curl -o
Didn't have time
You must type a single line (case sensitive)
the install script doesn't work : bash command not found
nobody has a solution ? because without this script, it's impossible to play with differents controlers..
working on it
so, here is:

1. Connect to wifi or ethernet (for wifi, choose Enable from RetroPie - RetrOrangePi - Wifi submenu), then Connect
2. Go back to RetroPie section, choose RetroPie-Setup
3. Select Update RetroPie-Setup script and confirm it
4. Now go to Manage Packages
5. Choose Manage experimental packages
6. Roll down the list and choose joystick-selection
7. Choose Build from source
8. Now choose Configuration / Options
9. Make sure your controllers are connected, configure as desired
GREAT !!! i'll try that asap ! THANKS
ok, it works.
I've setup the two controlers (the retrostone and 8bitdo). I use the name methode of joystick script.
I've also change the input configuration of emulation station and setup the "hotkey" to L2 on the retrostone and 8bitdo controllers, but now, i can't exit the game or acces to retroarch setup with lr-mame2003

how do i have to setup the hotkey (acces to retroarch setup) and exit games ?

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