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Additional Controller Configuration - HOWTO
L2 is already set to insert coin in Mame
edit /opt/retropie/configs/arcade/retroarch.cfg or choose another hotkey (Select is recommended)
Perfect. It works with two different players ! is it possible to have two controllers (Retrostone and 8bitdo) assigned to player one (and also each for two different players) ?
Because it's a little pain to change the configuration using the script each time
I use the Name methode of the script
I'm not sure , the script was not written by me. But i dont think you can set two controllers for a single player. But i think you should set a global config (not individual or name method) and set retrostone to second controller. If the external gamepad is absent, retrostone should be default automatically.
Maybe i didnt understand your need quite well
I have connected finally the controller. Mi 8bitdo no connects for bluetooth menu but was working fine. When I said that retroarch was freeze but really not. I have a idea to connect a usb wired keyboard, nobody tell me about do this no videos or replies show me that. Then I connect the keyboard with dificulties because directions arrow left and up, but no down or right. Enter nor working on his place was Alt. Control was working like back and to pop up the blue screen like if you press in retrostone select + X with the keyboard was with num5+X. It was infernal Smile. But thanks to this I can enter to bind 1 and bind 2 to configurate each controller in one player I mapping retrostone controller and in the second one the 8bitdo (xbox360 controller mode connected with start+Y, others modes was others connect options). Then I change the joystick options created with experimental packages. 3 option by name was On. And I tried with global joystick selection and retroarch all emulators by put retrostone 1 player and xbox 360 (8bitdo) player 2. And changing opposite. I enter in gb with retroarch but was not working then I go back option 2 ( system specific joystick selection) of joystick menu again in all selections and I go down to gb. It was empty but the 4 players shows unset then I put the two controllers and in dreamcast too. Then I go back again to retroarch and I put bind 1 with opposite controllers all this configuration with the keydboard with the special keys lol. Then I saved configuration and was working fine but only with xbox 360 controller never retrostone was working only 360 controller and I dont know why because I have one in each bind, one of them in bind 1 and the other in bind 2. Now the problem was that I can not go out like select +X with retrostone controlle because this was not working, then I must to press num 5+X in the keybord. Then I realized that I need to mapping 2 special controls to simulate in xbox 360 controller press selec+X because all keys was working but not this combination or mix. Then I change mapping I put Select on L3 thumbstick as hotkey and R3 as X, then this combination give me pseudo select and x. Now I can open retroarch menu to change configuration from 8bitdo (xbox 360 controller mode) but no with retrostone controller. Then I quit Retrostone saving configuration file before. I put another game and Go out again. Its curious but when I push at the same time L3 and R3 (like select+X in retrostone once its open retroarch configuration menu but twice it works like select and star and quits directly. Then is very difficult when I discover more less want to play lol. Because you need to connect a keyboard at he beginning for sure to install the experimental packaged to activate joystick options and to change binds 1 and 2. And then change again joystick options and binds to alternate between retrostone controllers and others usb wireless controllers. Its very tedious. Wold be good only 1 switch to alternate this. I have modes that connect the 2 controllers. For example in reicast with Desdly Skies flight simulator game. I was using xbox 360 controller with the plane but when I remap buttons I put to toggle map on the dpad left and change target on dpad right . But all buttons work find less L1 L2 R1 y R2 and dpad, then I press dpad of retrostone controllers and was working then I was blown away. Then I reinstall last 4 th of april image and I will only play with retrostone controller because to configurate another bluetooth wirelles controller is a crazy idea. Thats all. Thanks to read me
This should help fixing issues mapping controllers
In my opinion it would take the possibility of being able to configure the hoykey in more JoyPads, now since it can only be configured on a joypad it happens that as you remove the joypad that has the hotkeys assigned it is no longer possible to exit the games or save them ..

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