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New image/bugfix update - FEB 13th
Hi guys,

There is a new image/bugfix update online.

CURRENT CHANGELOG - also includes first bugfix

- HDMI switch feature was added to RetroPie - RetrOrangePi menu
What does it do? It will disable LCD screen, enable HDMI output, change resolution to 1280x720, update retroarch and advmame configs and power off. If your screen remains black after boot, it's probably not 720p compatible. If you accidentally power on without an HDMI cable inserted, our script will enable LCD again and power off the unit, so next time you boot the Retrostone, screen will be alive again. 
NOTE: HDMI audio is still not available - development almost finished by community (OLIMEX) and should be merged in the next kernel update

- Amiga - new Amiberry binary
Beta testing proved this is a better performant version. Video here.

- Atari 800/5200 - [b]controller support[/b]
Following this great tutorial, it is now possible to map keyboard to controller buttons. Preliminary support, it should improve in upcoming updates and include other emulators.
Open Menu = L1 , Start = R1, Quit = L2, ESC = R2

- Commodore C64 
Updated controller mappings: Menu = Start, Enter = A, Space = B, R/S = X, Virtual Keyboard = L2

- Favorites/Last Played menu
Per request, favorites and recent roms menu was enabled by default. Enable 'Save Metadata on Exit' from Other Settings. Side effect: quitting EmulationStation and shutting down can take longer. Disable the option when not needed.

- New default theme - Pixel-metadata
Per request, should have a better balance between roms, images and description sections. You can revert back to your preferred one from UI Settings menu.

- Wifi disabled 
Per request, wifi is being disabled at EmulationStation startup. It's a better move so background music is not affected by stuttering. Enable it when you need from RetroPie - RetrOrangePi - Wifi menu.

- Retroarch menu
Retroarch menu fonts decreased a little to match screen as some options became hidden since last update

- Non working platforms 
Saturn, Jaguar and 3DO config files and roms folder removed from menus

How to update:

1. Connect your Retrostone to ethernet or wifi
2. Press Start - Quit - Quit EmulationStation
3. Download the update file: "wget
4. Uncompress the file: "sudo tar -zxvf bugfix2.tar.gz -C /"  (case sensitive)
5. Remove one unwanted package: "sudo apt-get remove xserver-xorg-input-joystick"
6. Turn off the unit: "sudo poweroff"
7. Turn on 

note: type commands without the double quotes 

If you want the full image , please head to the Readme 1st thread for the download link. Take some time to read the notes and instructions while your image downloads.

Thanks guys.


Enjoying RetrOrangePi? Buy a few beers!   [Image: biggrin.png]
Thank's alex i test
Thanks. Games seem to be running better for me now on this version with less 'hiccups' every now and then (occasional slight pauses during emulation in the last couple of releases). Liking the new theme as well. Just wondering how do you enable the framerate counter I've seen on some videos in the top right corner of the screen? Can't seem to find it.
What is the best emulator for mame roms?
It depends on which set you have. Best is to go with AdvanceMame. You need the 0.106 romsets. Many games i’ve tried run best on AdvanceMame. And with the latest version AdvanceMame works great.
You can enable framerate counter ingame by going into menu - Onscreen Notifications - Enable Framerate, but as it does not work when video_threaded is set to true (system default). You will see a N/A on the upper right corner. If you want to evaluate scenarios, change the following parameters in /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg:

fps_show = "true"
video_threaded = "false"

you can also test a single platform console by editing its own config: /opt/retropie/configs/snes/retroarch.cfg (for example), adding both lines

i second Marco's suggestion, especially because of the video filters and performance. But AdvanceMAME is a standalone emulator and it may be more complicated for some to configure as it has its own config files. In general, mame2003 has good compatibility and it's a libretro core (Retroarch)
Did either the first or second bugfix break anyone elses GBA emulator (lr-gpsp)?

I try to launch games and they just crash back to the games list. All the other emulators are working.
lr-gpsp requires BIOS
(02-14-2020, 12:38 AM)alexkidd Wrote: lr-gpsp requires BIOS

it was working before I updated. was the BIOS removed?
No BIOS is ever provided
The previous emulator didn't require one

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