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New image/bugfix update - FEB 13th
(02-15-2020, 05:57 AM)alexkidd Wrote: @A_Big_Guy Sweet, enjoy!! What game is that?

Metroid Fusion. Been out for almost 20 years and I've never played it. No better time to start, I guess.  Smile
Whats updated to C64 emulator? I am not sure if updated before or after.
Some games work. I try Bluemax, MULE, International Soccer. Falcon Patrol II control didn’t work. I guess it use joystic port 1 when other games that work use port 2.
Maybe it’s the disk/tape versions you have. All games i have tested work here. You can swap joysticks in the menu but Blumax doesn’t need that. Here’s a little video of Bluemax. I didn’t have to adjust anything. It’s only a bit tricky to take off. :-)
If I open the Show IP dialog or the runcommand.log dialog you get to see about 20% of the output and you're supposed to scroll within the dialog, dpad scrolling doesn't work - you can only press ok. How would one scroll in this view, how would one enable dpad scrolling?
Not yet possible to scroll with dpad
Anyway, IP should appear in the first lines
Salut, il est possible que vous travailliez sur Starfox? The game is just right un petit bug juste un petit réglage et le jeu fonctionne bien le meilleur émulateur est snes9x2002 thank's alex
The new version is good but unfortunately I'm still getting the same issue as with all previous betas. There is a slight (probably half a second) pause in emulation every now again. It can be noticed mostly in the background music which also pauses. I don't think it's related to any particular emulator - they all have the same problem. Maybe it is related to EmulationStation? Ther are also small pauses in the menu carousel animation as well every now and again. Has anyone else noticed this on theirs?

I am using the 64GB SanDisk memory card that came with the Pro version, so I'm using a quality memory card. Any ideas? I thought originally it was related to WiFi but that is now disabled by default and its still happening.
Flash the new image to another fully reformated sdcard , there are reports that stuttering is gone so we tend to believe it's hardware
Did you format the card as FAT32? I always format it that way. Can you use ExFAT even?
Filesystem shouldnt make any difference as it will be reflashed over in EXT4 anyway

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