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M.2 ssd
which github instructions?

I used these instructions you posted and I changed instead of 'sudo mv -v', use 'sudo cp -rv
Then followed the post on making it boot from SSD
I know this information is scattered about but this is how I got my 120gb ssd set up.
I had to get a caddy to format my ssd out of the box. I used guiformat to do this as windows can't format fat32 natively.
After plugging the ssd into my Retrostone 2 pro and booting up.

f4 on title page to launch command line.
sudo mkdir /mnt (Creates a directory /folder which you can mount the ssd to).
sudo fdisk -l (Use to find ssd's designation. Mine was /dev/sda1).
sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt (Mount your ssd's designation to the folder just created).
df (shows mounted partitions. Check to see if ssd is there).
sudo mv -v /home/pi/RetroPie/* /mnt (This will move everything from the pi file on your sd card to your ssd. Including the ROMs folder. alexkidd advised using sudo cp -rv to copy the files instead but I couldn't get it to work using this as later on it prioritized the files on the sd card).
ls /mnt (show the files in the directory that were just moved from the sd card. There should be bios, roms, retropiemenu, splashscreens, and two more I can't remember).
ls - l /dev/disk/by-uuid/ (shows UUID's. Find and record ssd's value. It will be a hyphenated string)
sudo nano /etc/fstab (edits /etc/fstab)
UUID=(the ssd's UUID. No brackets) /home/pi/RetroPie vfat nofail,user,uid=pi,gid=pi 0 2 (Add to end of file. ctrl o to save changes. ctrl x to exit editor)

To check its worked turn back on and load ambrian desktop.
File manager¬Places¬Pi¬RetroPie
When you follow the path it should automatically move you to your ssd.
You can add Roms as normal using a USB

alexkidd also edited /etc/rc.local instead of /etc/fstab however I found this caused problems with control binding on reboot.
Another problem I faced was a superblock error when trying to mount my usb after setting this up. I cleared the problem by reformatting my USB (I think it was a corruption error)

As I said this info is out there. This is just what I did to get it to work. Other people might have a different experience.

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