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Atari 800/5200 - controller support
For the latest build:
> "Following this great tutorial, it is now possible to map keyboard to controller buttons."

I've followed the tutorial and got stuck quite early on.

ls /dev/input/by-id/

This command list the input devices attached. I get a keyboard and mouse, which is correct as they are attached.

evtest /dev/input/event[•]

This command then allows you to see which inputs are generated by each device.
However, I get no input event triggered for either mouse or keyboard when I press the buttons on the unit.
So if the unit buttons don't register as keyboard or mouse events, how can they be mapped?

Any ideas?
You shouldnt have to do anything, mappings are there already and it works right away (at least it should).
Make sure you have the latest bugfix or image
I've re-installed the latest image and when I run the Atari 800 emu I got no response when pressing the unit buttons.
Any ideas?
can you drop to terminal and run 'evtest'

Retrostone controller should be /dev/input/event2

otherwise you will have to edit the following file: /opt/retropie/configs/all/keyb_support and change to /dev/input/event1
Ah, changing to event1 worked. Awesome, thank you so much for adding this!
thanks, no worries
my bad, i always have an usb keyboard connected, so the retrostone controller is always /dev/input/event2 for me

you can edit the keyb_support with other key brindings if you want

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