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Problems with both C64 emulators
Issues I have with Vice-x64:
- in game, the controls don't work: the D-pad doesn't do anything
- in the VICE menu (which I can open with R2), navigating the menu is done with SELECT (up) and START (down)
- when I try to remap the menu up/down/left/right to the D pad, the D pad input is not recognized
- when I try to remap joysticks to use the D-pad, same issue

Issues I have with lr-vice:
- works like a charm but I still cannot get the virtual keyboard to appear Sad

I don't know where to look for config files for the above, and Vice mapping files are a mystery really.
Anyone know what config files I should check? Sad I can post whatever file you ask me to. If I could get a virtual keyboard in lr-vice I'd be a very happy man.
Latest bugfix included Vice mappings and settings. Anyway, i extracted the files and packed another compressed file:

try this with an usb keyboard

quit EmulationStation to terminal (F4 or quit menu)
make sure you have internet on your unit: "sudo modprobe brcmfmac"
connect to wifi with "sudo nmtui" and choose your router
quit NMTUI

download config file and extract it:

sudo tar -zxvf vicecfg.tar.gz -C /

Pressl Ctrl D to return to ES, run any C64 game and choose Vice as default

It should work if all steps were followed as above. Installing the latest image (v3) should work too
Hi Alexkidd, thanks for your reply. I already applied latest mappings from v2 (Feb 13 release I think), that's why I don't understand why it's not working for me. I will try with that tarball, thanks very much!
Okay it didn't work. I verified the files from your archive are now the files on my system, but in lr-vice I still can't get a virtual keyboard and the D-pad in regular vice still doesn't work. Maybe my lr-vice is loading a config file that I created myself that is overriding the defaults?

But anyway, I think I'll have to be more picky on what C64 games I wanna play on RS2, and map some specific keys to a gamemap. Most of them are just directions + fire, but it's getting through the intros, cheat screens, or something "Press F1 for 1 Player". So I'll map the ones most used.

I could start all over again with a fresh install, but I've already done too much by now.

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