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How to change Gameboy gambatte colour palette from black and white to greens?
Hello. I have the Retrostone 2 with retropie and when Im playing Nintendo Game Boy games the 2 or 3 cores you can choose for playing all are only in black and white. I remember with Retrostone 1 you can play in green and yelow with gambatte core, but here we can not. If I go to Retroarch it has not internet connection and you can not update the cores or packages. Somebody can help me please? I like to play like original game boy colors. Thanks
no need to update, press Select + X ingame to go into Retroarch Menu, then Quick Menu - Options, tweak palette to your likings, save Core Overrides
Ok thank you. It works perfect. Save Core Overrides is for save the selection I have made for this game only? How I can select the same palette for all games for gb on this folder?
Core overrides is for all games you play using Gambatte. If you want to change a game only, select Game Overrides
Ok thank you. My english is not the best. But I try. Your are the administrator and at the same time the first one to help to other people, you are a great example partner. For you what is the most similar gb aesthetic configuration to simulate the same green/yelow colors on retroarch with gambatte? Thanks for all!!!
i think it works just by changing GB Colorization to internal, leaving internal palette in GB-DMG
I have select this one but finally I set internal and 3H because its more close to the concept I was thinking. Thanks for your help. Offtopic; Now I have put a .bin save file from a dreamcast vmu in the hidden folder of reicast to have al planes and stages unlocked, create a new save and changing the same name to the old one and changing them Wink

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