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Alternative download link? Slow
Trying to download the latest image for the first time and am getting a horrible download speed. ~10 hours to download! Is there alternate download link or torrent? Thank you.
copied file to our US server in 68s , so Europe server seems ok (25,5MB/s)

try this one:
That seems to be going about 2x as fast now. So ~5 hours. Lol Not sure what the deal is? Everything else is downloading quickly for me. Appreciate the help and all your work on the image!
In Switzerland (Bern)
(04-06-2020, 07:31 PM)alexkidd Wrote: copied file to our US server in 68s , so Europe server seems ok  (25,5MB/s)

try this one:

Is this the joystick version? I wasn't able to connect with the server for the actual joystick version link. But this one is working just fine.
yes , from the US server

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