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Information about how to "compile"

I just subscribe to this forum as I juste ordered a Restrostone 2 yesterday. As a Linux system administrator, and a big (retro)gamer, I'm planning to participate in the community and I would like to learn howto build RetrOrangePi system by myself and mod it.

First thank you @alexkidd for the hard work you do with RetrOgangePi in particular with Retrostone. Do you have a Github / other repo with modifications done for the Retrostone (GPIO, control, screen, build scripts)?

Does a wiki or other documentation about howto build exist for RetrOgangePi ( I read docs about Retro Pi for now) , I would like to try it on my Olimex lime 2 while waiting to my Restrostone arrive.

Thank you
our github homepage is
it contains EmulationStation and RetroPie-Setup forks and some other components

To start with, i recommend checking the whole Armbian project , on which our image is based

There are already built images for many boards, including several Olimex models. A Retrostone repository with custom files is in the works and should be available soon
Thanks for your reply @alexkidd, I'll try to build armbian for beginning.

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