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Pico-8 support
(02-21-2021, 04:32 PM)7thking Wrote: Hello,

I was able to get pico8 running on retrostone2 without any problems using the pico8_dyn (not pico8).

However, I am not able to get it working properly on retrostone1.
On retrostone1, I am able to boot into pico8 using pico8_dyn, but the gamepad doesn't work.
I have to force restart the console to get into the emulationstation.

Hmm - I'm interested in getting it going with a Retrostone1 also - did you try a USB joystick to see if it picks it up ?
i'm following
Big Grin 
I'm building a tabletop arcade using an old iCade and a 10" screen mounted vertically so I would love to get Pico8 running (although the 90 degree rotation may be an issue)

I'm using my retrostone1 - the inbuilt screen is it's downfall, but it works great on HDMI. (also need to figure out if the retroarch menu and desktop can be rotated 90 degrees)

[Image: 6ewsAcM.png]
retrostone1 should get an update as well. I think its gonna be possible

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