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Impossible de lancer les jeux NEOGEO
Bonsoir à tous,

Je viens chercher de l'aide car je n'arrive pas à lance les jeux NEOGEO sur ma RetroStone 2 toute neuve.
Je pense avoir bien suivi les tutos : 
J'ai placé mes roms au format 7z dans le dossier /home/pi/Retropie/roms/neogeo
J'ai placé aussi le fichier dans le même répertoire.
Auparavant, j'ai téléchargé le fichier uni-bios.rom que j'ai renommé asia-s3.rom et que j'ai intégré dans le fichier en écrasant l'ancien fichier
Malheureusement, aucun jeu ne se lance ...
Je pense que le problème vient du fichier
En cherchant sur le net, j'en ai trouvé plusieurs !!
Je les ai tous testés mais aucun ne fonctionne.
Soit je ne récupère pas le bon fichier soit j'ai loupé un truc ...
Est-ce que vous avez autant galéré pour installer les jeux NeoGeo sur votre RetroStone 2 ?
Good evening everyone, I come to get help because I can't launch the NEOGEO games on my brand new RetroStone 2. 
I think I followed the tutorials: 
I placed my roms in 7z format in the folder / home / pi / Retropie / roms / neogeo 
I also placed the file in the same directory. 
Previously, I downloaded the uni-bios.rom file which I renamed asia-s3.rom and which I integrated into the file by overwriting the old file. 
Unfortunately, no game is launched ... 
I think the problem comes from the file 
While searching the net, I found several !! 
I have tested them all but none work. 
Either I do not recover the right file or I missed something ... 
Did you have so much trouble to install NeoGeo games on your RetroStone 2?
This is probably the most frequent RetroPie question. Short answer: get a romset that matches the emulator core.
Check this page

Unfortunately we cannot post links to roms or bios.My best luck was advance mame romsets .

Even so, many games will still fail. Not very often I had to manually edit a few roms , to add the missing files. To find out which ones, press a button after launching game (at the runcommand dialog), then select Launch with verbose. You'll be able to check the full log from RetroPie - Runcommand Log option.

post more details and i can check if i have them working and which filesize to help you finding the correct set
Thank you very much for the reply, Alexkidd !!
You have to know how to manage on your own, but a little help is welcome.
I have new leads to search. I will continue to search and search again.

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