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Retrostone 2 Playstation just goes into Main Menu
1. i tested Crash Bandicoot Warped (Europe) version on an orangepi pc plus.. it worked with strange audio, log says something about not adjusting times, display=60hz , game=50hz . I will try on the retrostone when i can.
2. You should follow post #6 and look for errors in the log
3. What do you mean easier version? What part of the tutorial didnt you understand? I see that creating the .m3u file is the best option

edit: audio works fine, i had the wrong audio driver on
Hi @alexkidd

I was breaking my head for an entire day before I found this thread.
I tried out various combinations of bios files and rom files for PS1 games and absolutely no combination worked.
When I tried the same rom & bios on other consoles (retrostone1, odroid go advance) they worked well.

Finally, I then discovered this thread and your small comment in one of your replies:
" edit2: you can also edit /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch-core-options.cfg and remove all pcsx_reamed entries "


Immediately after doing it, the games which did not load started working.

Any idea which of those cfg options would be a problem to the games not working?

Also, the games are very choppy when they run.
Do you think it's due to the SoC or something else?

Last question- I am unable to display the FPS in the PS1 games even after I switched it on in the retroarch menu.
(options -> onescreen display -> onscreen notifications -> display framerate)
It just shows a "N/A" at the top right.
Can someone tell me why this might be and how do I correct this?
N/A shows up probably because the setting video_threaded is set to true
more info here:

and yes, as stated in the retrostone2 readme first thread: , performance is inferior compared to Allwinner H3 brothers. Some games play OK, others will be choppy. I dont have many PS1 games to test (if Crash Bandicoot works, it's enough for me). Anyway, I believe there is room for improvement, so next release may see some.

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