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DOSBox performance
Noticed dosbox-sdl2 is preinstalled so was eager to try some games. I have tried two now, Pinball Mania (1995) and Death Rally (1996). AFAIK RetroStone 2 has 2 cores and both games should run easily with one. I have tweaked a lot but performance is so bad it's unplayable... everything works but slowly, audio is stuttering, etc.

Is DOSBox meant to be used on RetroStone2 or do I just have to keep looking for a game that works? Jetpack (1993) would be one to try as it's one of the most least resource intensive games I know on MS-DOS, but after Pinball Mania I'm not sure if I should have lots of effort so wanted to ask first.

If DOSBox should work on this machine, what should be the optimal settings for it? Thanks in advance.
will check those games
Death Rally, from what i've seen , , has minimum requirements: 486DX2/66 Computer, preferred: Pentium 90 MHz or better . From RetroPie wiki, , you would need a Raspberry Pi 3B to be similar to 486DX2 . As the Retrostone2 is supposed to be compared to a Raspberry Pi2 , although most DOS titles < 1995 will run fullspeed, some will stutter or be unplayable
Will check on tweak and compiling a newer dosbox version, maybe it will help.

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