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Arcade Coins
Hi everyone!
I got a problem on FBA and MAME emulators.
For some games (On FBA : Armored Warriors, Battle Ciricuit, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, D&D, Dyna Gear, Dynasty Warriors, Eco Fighters...) I couldn't insert coins with select button, I tried with different rom versions and different emulators but without success.
Can someone help me?
it's a conflict with the combo key (select) and hardcoded Mame insert coin function (select too).
Workaround we added: copy roms to arcade folder and insert coin with L2
Works Great! Thanks again AlexKidd! So put all MAME and FBA roms in Arcade folder and select emulator for each roms can be a good choice to avoid different arcade systems.
mame2003-plus core is already set to default as it has the best compatibility/performance ratio

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