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Configuring 8Bitdo SF30 Pro BT with Retrostone 2
[font=.SF UI Display][font=.SFUIDisplay]I am writing today in the hopes of getting some assistance in configuring the 8Bitdo SF30 Pro Bluetooth Controller with the Retrostone 2.  My first approach was to use the Bluetooth menu.  While the new controller was easily ‘found,’ none of the display options worked.  I would receive a missing dbus error.  The exact error is in the attached picture. [/font][/font]

[font=.SF UI Display][font=.SFUIDisplay]After doing some reading, I decided to get an 8Bitdo Bluetooth Adapter.  The adapter pairs perfectly with the controller, however, it is rarely and inconsistently recognized in the configuration screen.  When it does recognize the controller and I configure it, it works great in the emulation station, however not in the games.  When I appropriately shutdown and restart later, the controller is no longer recognized.  The configuration seems to not be saving.  [/font][/font]

[font=.SF UI Display][font=.SFUIDisplay]At this point, I am unsure how to proceed.  I have a preference for using the adapter, however, am open to any options that may work.  [/font][/font]

[font=.SF UI Display][font=.SFUIDisplay]Thanks so much![/font][/font]

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follow this exactly to set an 8Bitdo controller:
indeed its not expected to work immediately ingame because the retrostone controller is always set to Input 1
You can also follow this thread to configure it to default:
Thanks for the quick reply!

Unfortunately, it gets stuck in the same place (step 5) when attempting to choose Display Options in the Bluetooth configuration.

I seem to be missing a module called ‘dbus’

The exact error is shown in the picture attached to the initial post.

Thanks again!!
make sure you're connected to wifi (select ENABLE , then CONNECT from RetroPie section , RetrOrangePi submenu, Wifi option)
Quit EmulationStation, then run from command line: "sudo apt-get install python-dbus"

press Ctrl D to return to ES
Once again, perfect advice! Thanks so much!!

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