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the sound is shifted ...
hello, I wanted to tell you about a problem that makes me not play my retrostone2 at all since I noticed it: the sound is shifted on all the games .. as you will see on the short video I made. all my games except those of ps1 apparently are like that + or - serious depending on the games or console. it almost ruins the fun of playing once you notice it. (I want to clarify that once I saw this problem, I immediately reinstalled the last existing image but nothing had worked even after ..) if someone had a miraculous solution it would be great even if i believe that retrostone2 will always have this problem ... I tried with all the megaman and not one has the sound that works normally ..

Example bad :

Example good :

The first video is megaman in (eu) 50pal and the second is in (jap)60 pal but this is not the problem as you see...
No solution ?
Videos not visible? I have not encountered any problems with sound.

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