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General status summary please?
Hi Alexkidd

good afternoon, I hope you're keeping well. 

I do apologise in writing the following questions, but it has been some time since I checked these forums since Retrostone 2 was released, and there have been many pages of questions and 18 pages of comments to the "New image/bugfix update - FEB 13th" thread. I've lost my way. 

So if you would be so kind as to answer the following, that would be most helpful:

- do you have a command to update Retrostone2 to the latest version, usable from the Retrostone2 Terminal Command Line (after I have ssh'd in)? 
I remember I have already done that once with a previous patch. 
- the project's initial aim was to have hot pluggable switching between the Retrostone2's own internal LCD screen, and HDMI TV - has that goal been acheived now?
- if that aim has not been reached, what is the procedure please, is it a command in the Retrostone GUI, and then reboot? 
- has HDMI audio out been fixed now, so that video and audio are coming down the same HDMI out cable?
- what is the procedure for plugging in an external joypad and using that as Player 1 controls (when the Retrostone 2 is plugged into a TV via HDMI)?

Once again, sorry to have to ask these questions, but hopefully your answers will benefit everyone. 


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