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Hdmi sound support

When can we expect an update ?
And will sound work on HDMI ?

Grtz Frank
Forum, GitHub and alex has been silent for some time now (from summer)... I don't know what happened. So no ETA for anything right now.
EDIT: See:
currently the owner of the retrostone project is more concerned with launching another item on the kickstarter. Retrostone died. I never buy anything from this company again
While I agree 100% I think we would be better off voicing our concerns somewhere Pierre might actually see them. Alex has nothing to do with the hardware side of things, they're just kind enough to provide software support.
I also agree. I have the Retrostone 1 and 2 . Don't know what I will do with them. Anyway I have downloaded this: works very well one the Retrostone 2. Cheers
It is understandable to some extent that he is busy.
However, I don't agree with leaving the HDMI and sound support halfway through.
Shouldn't he complete this job and then do something else?
It's been almost a year since mine and my Retrostone2 arrived.
To be clear, I haven't run Retrostone2 for more than 6 months.
Is there anyone else who can support this hardware?
HDMI and sound support is still absent from mainline kernel

A patch was being developed by Stefan Mavrodiev (from OLIMEX) but it's still pending i believe.

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