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Download Link Dead [404 Not found] and Giving some love from us to Retrostone 2
Hello there Alexkidd,

today I broke my retrorangepi trying to update it and when I wanted to download again the image, it said that the image was not found.

And I wanted to ask something else, is there a way we can contribute making this project better? I don’t know, by creating some documentation or perhaps fixing bugs or something like that? I’m sure that there is people out there willing to help.

I hope that the pandemic is not affecting you that much.

Best regards.
Image link was fixed, apologies
Feel free to contribute in any way you want
There wasnt much motivation with COVID19 last year, hopefully things will be better this year.
hi Marc, tried replying your private message , but there was an error:
Metainferno has private messaging disabled. You cannot send private messages to this user.

thanks for your message.
to begin with, you can report the issue in our github
i've been away from the project for several months, but now i'm slowly catching up.

Usually the builtin scraper is fixed by updating Emulationstation indeed, so it shouldnt take long to fix.

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