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All my GBA roms are slow ? ..
(02-26-2021, 05:06 PM)Garysaurus Wrote: I've sent you a message about the BIOS as most forums don't like ROM or BIOS to be linked. I just placed it in the BIOS folder through the Ambrian Desktop (Without a subfolder). I think the current OS link includes the Bugfix (I could be wrong though). I'm having the same problem with updating retrOrangePi through the menus. I think it is because it updates to a version that's not compatible with the hardware.

Thank you very much for the BIOS! Big Grin 

I test to update, I restart because the updates run in a loop and never end.

Personally I also test on Pokémon and Warioware (cool games that I wanted so it's my priorities).
I don't feel I get better results with GPSP but Mgba goes from 75% to 85% in terms of fluidity.

Huh Huh
Stupid question:

The roms work great on pc and are fluid.

Are pc and retrostone emulators the same?

Or is the problem simply the power? (Pokémon fangames are really slow for example)
important reading:

Retrostone2 is based on underpowered A20 CPU
To summarize :

GBA emulator on retrostone 2 :

- Make cores updates etc
- Install an additional bios

Pray that this will work since the console is less powerful.
Wait and see if the next updates help a little or not.
Small question : apart from the updates of the installed systems, which packages do you advise me to install (core, main, optional etc ) ?
to be honest, updates usually break stuff and dont improve anything

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