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Update issues
Hi @alexkidd,

I am loving to play PS1 games on my RS2, however, they run very choppy.
So I thought maybe updating the core might help.
I did that, but it never completed successfully.
And on the retroarch it gave some error messages (screenshots attached - pcsx.err1.jpg & pcsx.err2.jpg).

The emulator still ran, but still same problems.
However, the main Retroarch menu has stopped working (emulationstation -> RetroPie -> Retroarch)
(screenshot attached - retroarch.jpg)

Next, I tried update and upgrade the console from SSH.
The update worked and it told me I can upgrade 20 packages.
So I tried apt upgrade next.
It asked me a bunch of times about what to do when there are conflicts, and I always selected "keep local changes" as I think your image is customised (screenshot attached - conflicts.png).
However, many packages failed to upgrade correctly and now most of my emulators stopped working.

I had to fix this by erasing the card and reflashing the latest image as per last Feb 2020.

I understand that this free software and you have no obligation towards any of us for anything and you are totally busy.
And I completely respect that.
And hence, I can only request for your help.

My request is: even if you are not able to build a new retrorange pi build, atleast please release a build with updated retroarch and updated cores.
And, please make it so that atleast the retroarch builds and cores can be updated by us independently within the retrorangepi OS without having to rely on the overall OS upgrade.

Thank you for all that you do and again, this is just a humble request; no issues whatsoever if you cannot.

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Apologies for such bugs, i'm aware of them. I'm currently working on a full new release sorting out most of them
thanks @alexkidd

looking forward to the new update
do you think it may be out this month?
again, no pressure, just asking for my knowledge

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