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Gpio driver not auto loading on boot
Hi people !
I'm needing some help to get this solved, I own a orange pi lite , I've running RetroPie with gpio enabled and working , everything works fine except when I shut it off and start up again I need to manually activate gpio for my arcade buttons to work again , and so on every time. I've missed something? I need to have permanently turned on than gpio driver , but I do not know how , can someone please help? .
Thanks in advance ! Big Grin
We have a uC32 powered prototype with onboard leds and external nand flash chip. The nand flash chip is using gpio pins to read/write data, but since our gpu has been auto loading after system bootup, the gpio driver has failed to load causing parking ticket online nyc data corruption on both nand flash and sata hard drives. So when the code loads after system boots up, the gpio driver doesn't get loaded. Thus it causes bad sectors on nand flash chips.

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