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ROPi 4.3 works on Tauon PC-1
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Ahoy all,
This is my first post. I found this retrogame os searching for H3 op sys for an all-in-one H3 computer called the Tauon PC-1 Tauon Electronics

I burned the OPi PC build on a 128Gb uSD card and added my ~80Gb of ROMs to it.  It booted and ran fine on the Tauon w/o WiFi (I have DTS code to compile for it but I use ethernet). It recognized several controllers, wired and wireless, and they worked normally. I tried about 100 games (Atari 2600 up to SNES/Genesis era) on 9 or 10 emulator cores and they all ran fine. I also dropped to the Ubuntu desktop and it is slow but usable.

I think for about $70-80 w/shipping and tax, this makes a very good retrogaming system. Please note that the Tauon does not come with a fan and tends to run hot. I use a clamp-on laptop cooler to cool it down.

I also booted this same uSD card on the OPi PC and the Libre Tritium H3. It works on both but no sound on the Libre. I saw a build for that board but was hoping to use one uSD card for all my H3 systems.

I read that ROPi V5 is going to have an H6 version. I would like to try that on my Pine64 H64 board when its available. I also have a PCDuino 8 (8xCortex A7 cores PowerVR GPU) but I assume the PowerVR GPU instead of Mali GPU would pose a problem. Despite good specs I just can't find a use for the PCDuino 8 no matter how I try.
Good Gaming, daveyb

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