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true words, i am also mega disappointed. the Retrostone2 Pro has been lying in the drawer for 2 years without ever really being used. A lot was promised, nothing was delivered. wasted money! Never again
(02-10-2022, 10:27 AM)RonaldoRSB Wrote: true words, i am also mega disappointed. the Retrostone2 Pro has been lying in the drawer for 2 years without ever really being used. A lot was promised, nothing was delivered. wasted money! Never again

Pff tell me about it... I got super excited at the beginning with the project and ordered 2 "special edition" transparent blues... one is still on the original packaging in a drawer somewhere :/
Hey guys,
Pierre here from 8BCraft. Just to let you know that I'm very sorry to have let you down on that. I realize that the missing features are very disappointing.
Not to justify but rather explain, some things which seems easy on the surface are incredibly difficult in the linux kernel. Well it's actually more difficult to understand due to lack of documentation. I spent a lot of months trying to make HDMI switch work which ended up in frustration and not much results (I'm not really a software dev expert tbh). Then I basically couldn't find freelancer or companies that would do the job because the subject is not well known and quite complex.
Then months went by and it became years.
I have not lost hope yet and will try to search for solution again. Hope to bring those missing features finally.
Hello Pierre,

of course I would be happy if you would provide developers who would do all this.
But that doesn't seem to work yet.

I would therefore find the following way a good idea. Divide the project into OS and Emu software.

Bring the hardware / board to the Armbian site so it is officially supported there. Then the OS part is done. (Just now 22.02 with Linux 5.15 LTS Debian)
Just give the developers there two Retrostones, then they will want to maintain it on their own.

EMU Software
Let the people decide which emu software they want to use. Let them install and update it via repos.
e.g. RetroPie or Recalbox
Let them install and update them via repos.

Of course you can also build a complete image from the two items above and provide it as ISO,
for people who don't want to deal with it.

If that doesn't work either and we want to prevent this from being just e-waste, then it would also be conceivable that you try to raise money for developers. Whether the Retrostone owners would participate in this I can not say of course.

Although i dont have any hope, we definetly need updates.
Hello everyone, indeed I agree on the need for an update of the bone of the Retrostone 2.

And I confess that since time it no longer has the patience that I need but more hope. And in fact, I feel like nothing has evolved.
So, I was wondering if it is possible to finance a team to develop to offer this fabulous console the bone it really has. I confess that personally I do not mind paying if in the end have got an exceptional bone.

I hope others will participate to truly revive this wonderful console

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