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How to create your own online course.
It is best to start with an idea - what you want to talk about and what knowledge you want to share. Keep in mind that your topic should solve a problem or teach people something new. Most importantly, people should be willing to pay for your knowledge. Right now, the most popular courses are basic programming, but in the future, people may be interested in creating their own artificial intelligence. Do not be afraid if there are already online courses on your topic. This means that there is a demand - people are willing to learn it and pay money.
the most important part of the course is your content. Determine how you want to share your knowledge - it could be video lectures, excerpts from books, presentations, quizzes, podcasts or short articles on your blog.
Basically, online courses combine all of these forms of learning: the course participant watches a video lesson, supplements their knowledge by reading a book, and then takes a small test to reinforce the new material. So it is important to think carefully about each lesson and make it interesting for the student, and these tools will help you do that online courses need to be interactive - you can answer frequently asked questions from students, hold webinars with them and video-conference with them. You'll spend very little time preparing and designing an online course, but then you can make money from it for years to come.

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